Monday, September 25, 2017

Project Announcement - Rise of the Necromancer

It's finally time to officially announce my current project, Legends of Vyralia: Rise of the Necromancer! In Rise of the Necromancer (henceforth referred to as ROTN), players take on the role of an aspiring necromancer as they rise to power and take over the large island nation of Scetania.

ROTN's combat and skill system will support various play styles, and currently has three planned branches of development: Minion Mastery, Blood Magic, and Lichdom. Minion Mastery is just that - creating and commanding undead minions. Blood Magic is a special type of magic that requires the sacrifice of health instead of magic power to cast spells, but with the trade-off that the spells are typically more powerful. Lichdom focuses on turning the player into a powerful Lich, with a heavy focus in personal survivability and melee combat.

The entire island of Scetania will be explorable, and players will be able to claim most regions in any order, as long as they have the troops and resources to maintain control. When a region is claimed, the player can choose to enslave the civilians as undead thralls, or allow them to keep their free will as long as they stay loyal. Claiming a region is unlikely to go unnoticed, and will attract the attention of enemies in nearby regions. Troops from a nearby region may invade to try and reclaim it, or bandits may come in and try to stir things up in the turmoil caused by the takeover. If the player has posted an adequate defense force, they should be able to hold their claim on the region, but they also have the option to join the battle and potentially turn unfavorable odds into their favor.

In addition to the open-world gameplay, ROTN will have an in-depth story detailing how a fledgling sorcerer dabbling in the dark arts of death magic rises to power and claims an entire kingdom in the process.

For more information and details on development progress, be sure to check out the Trello board!

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