Monday, September 18, 2017

A Quick Explanation About Recent Events...

First and foremost, for anyone who had previously been following ChromarGames before we disappeared for a while, I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Long story short, I was young, ambitious, and naive back in high school and thought starting a game development team with friends was a good idea. Unfortunately, we never got much done because we were a bunch of teenagers and I only slightly knew what I was doing at the time. Eventually everyone lost interest or just didn't have time to do anything besides school and work, and the team ultimately fell apart. Now that I'm older, I actually know how to set proper goals for getting things done and I plan to do things right this time, even if I have to do everything myself. So here I am, ready to start over from the ground up and do things right this time.

Hopefully this has answered any questions anyone has about why we disappeared for a while and haven't been posting updates until recently (and why I've deleted most of our old social media posts). If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below, message us @ChromarGames or me directly @Chromarict on Twitter, or join our Discord server. I always have Discord open on my computer, and I have both Twitter and Discord on my phone, so those two methods are probably the fastest way to get my attention.

P.S.: I should be posting the announcement about my current project sometime this week, or early next week. I'm just trying to work out what details are ready to be released and what should be kept under wraps to avoid spoiling anything important.

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